Selected works for the Gothic, Renaissance and High Period periods. Sale of sculptures, statuary and reliefs such as virgin with child, religious sculpture and architectural elements, columns, capitals and corbels.

Head of an apostle, Gothic period. Paris or Ile de France.

Important head of an apostle statue. Long and antiquating features. Erosion due to long exposure to the elements observable on the hair. Limestone deposits. Exceptional sculpture, probably Paris, 13th century.

Colonnette. First Gothic art.

Rare and beautiful column with carved mythical creatures in a floral backdrop mixed with geometric patterns. This beautiful column undoubtedly comes from a Gothic portal. The romanesque influence is still very noticeable.

Polychrome stone figure. Pilgrim End of the Gothic period.

Pilgrim figure in sculpted and polychromed limestone. He holds a calabash in his left hand. He probably held the pilgrim's staff in his missing right hand. Very beautiful face framed by a long and bifid beard.

Head of a Gothic king. Sculpted stone

Crowned king's head with traces of polychromy. Former Joseph Laissus collection (1900-1969), engineer and president of the Société Jules Verne, Paris.

Important bust of a virgin of the Annunciation. Gothic art.

Virgin of the Annunciation in sculpted limestone. Mid 15th century.

Bust of the Virgin Mary. Gothic art.

Bust of a crowned madonna. Typical production of workshops in Lorraine or eastern France. Traces of polychromy.

Impost representing a laureate head. Gothic art.

Laureate and bearded head probably representing an emperor, Charlemagne or a Roman emperor.

Fragment of a Gothic tympanum. Angel of the Last Judgment.

Important and rare fragment of a Gothic tympanum. In a mandorla, angel under the arm of god, hand raised in the attitude of judgment.

Stele of the falconer. Bas-relief.

Important bas-relief representing a falconer. He holds in his raised right hand a typical lure from the 13th and 14th century. Stele seemingly unfinished in its lower part.

Virgin and Child. Normandy or Ile de France, end of the 13th century.

Important virgin with gothic child. A style still imbued with mysticism for this great virgin in limestone. Gilding and traces of polychromy.

Saint Peter. End of the Gothic period.

Saint Peter in majesty from the beginning of the 15th century. A moving regional work. Polychrome wood. Hollow back


Gothic sculpture sees a profusion and diversification of media. Still austere for the first Gothic art, statuary knows an explosion of Marian worship with series of virgins and children. Architectural works remain with capitals, corbels and columns. The Ekinium gallery offers a series of religious and secular works from the gothique period.

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