A passion, ancient art.

The Ekinium gallery is an art gallery specializing in European sculpture and more particularly on the ancient roman and greek art, as well as romanesque and gothic periods. You will find in our selection of statuary on wood, stone or marble, but also architectural elements such as capitals or friezes.

Our discoveries combine authenticity and charm, we select the works on strict criteria, in order to offer you quality objects that will not fail to create a very special atmosphere in your interior.

Ancient art, hellenistique, greek and roman sculpture

Classical and archaic sculptures of ancient Greece, ancient Rome and civilizations under Hellenistic and Roman influence between the 7th century BC and the fall of Rome, late antiquity. Statuary and portraits of marble or stone.

 Ancient art

Medieval and romanesque sculpture

Selection of Romanesque and pre-Romanesque sculptures, statuary, Romanesque architectural elements from cloisters and churches, columns, capitals, corbels and friezes.

 Romanesque sculpture

Gothic sculpture

Collection of Gothic sculptures from the early Gothic art in the 12th century until the end of the Gothic period in the 15th century. Wood and stone statuary, Gothic virgins, architectural elements and reliefs.

 Gothic sculpture

Old Masters

Selection of paintings by old masters, primitive painters from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Old Italian, Dutch, Flemish, French and Spanish masters of the trecento, quattrocento and European renaissance. Oils or tempera on panels or canvas.

 Old Masters

Discover our highlights, beautiful acquisitions including ancient Greek marbles from the Hellenistic period, busts of Ptolemaic queens but also important sculptures from the Romanesque and the Gothic periods.