Our discoveries concerning the ancient period with busts and heads sculpted in stone and marble, relief and statuary, ancient Greek, Hellenistic, Ptolemaic, Roman and Celtic art.


Greek art Gorgoneion Plaque Magna Graecia

A funeral decoration or deposit, this molded terracotta plaque presents a Gorgon, with snakes in her hair and sharp teeth. Very good origin: old Altounian collection before 1940 (annex label 587).

Ancient Greek marble head. Hellenistic period.  Arsinoe III Philopator

Female head in marble, diademed and with hair tied back. Representation of the Lagide queen Arsinoe III. Ptolemaic period. Hairstyle characteristic of the period.

Queen marble head. Greek Art Alexandria. Queen Arsinoe II Hellenistic period

Marble head, portrait of the queen Arsinoe II as Aphrodite. The hair is incomplete because it was made in stucco following the Alexandrian custom, due to the rarity of Greek marble in the capital of Hellenistic Egypt. Ptolemaic period. Arsinoe II was deified in the guise of Aphrodite after her death in 270 BC

Cypriot head of a male votary. Archaic Cyprus. Beardless male wearing a conical helmet.

Head of an individual in beige limestone wearing a conical helmet, almond-shaped eyes sculpted in relief, arched eyebrows and well-marked ears. Former collection of Gustave Soulier (1872-1937), art historian, Doctor of Letters, director of the French Institute of Naples, Italy.

Head of Apollo. Gallo-Roman art.  Important bust of Apollo with hair tied back.

Portrait of the Roman god Apollo, over life size, stylized curly hair, pulled back and falling to the back of the neck. Eyes slightly almond-shaped, ears pelta.

Stone head. Celtic Art.

Important hieratic head from Great Britain. Celtic island art. Yorkshire find circa 1950, prev. Bergé auction.

Celtic stone head. Exceptional origin.

Stone head from Alise Sainte-Reine. Excavations ordered by Napoleon III from 1861 to 1865 on the site of Alésia. Style and portrait to be compared to the coins issued by Vercingétorix. Provenance Collection Dierckx Bruxelles.

Marble head of Eros. Gallo-Roman art.

Juvenile marble head. Stylized hair reflecting provincial work. Beautiful crystalline marble. Concretions

Head of a bearded man. Early Christian art.

Head of a bearded man, carved in a volcanic rock. High Middle Ages or late antiquity, apostle, maybe a representation of St-Peter.


For the ancient period, the Ekinium gallery is dedicated to discover European and Mediterranean artworks. The gallery focuses on Greek and Roman, Etruscan, Hellenistic, Cypriot civilizations as well as on Celtic sculpture. We are mainly looking towards figurative sculptures: heads and portraits in marble or limestone, relief in marble or stone as well as figurines in terracotta. The subjects are varied: portraits of Ptolemaic queens of Hellenistic tradition, heads and sculptures representing Greco-Roman divinities or votives figure, such as Cypriot limestone carvings.

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